Penguin Paperclips!

(C) Kunihiro Saito



When one of the chipolatas came home from nursery the other day and showered me with a bundle of papers something caught my eye. ‘Twas the glint of a silver penguin silhouette slipped loving in the corner. Upon further inspextion one found these joyous critter clips!

This range of cute stationary says everything we have come to associate with great Japanese design: cute, compact, colourful and just totally random.

From Midori’s site:

“The animal-shaped paperclips,“D-CLIPS have always been hotsellers. Carefully and meticulously designed to the last detail, the paper clips artistically represent cherished animals and are among the favorite items of many MIDORI lovers. The D-CLIPS began with eight animals. Then in 2009, we introduced the “Aquarium” series of marine animals, as well as the “Pet” series of house pets. Now, the paper clips come in 16 animal shapes. In addition, this year again, we are offering new, improved versions of the limited-time Christmas designs, which enjoyed high popularity last year. The more designs of “D-CLIPS” you collect, the more fun you have!”

D Clips come in a range of shapes and styles dogs, cats, ducks trucks and horses.
Mini cleaner II will skilfully sweep any eraser residue in the most erudite fashion.
Swingbird correction tape which won a Good design award, spares any blushes with a swift drag of it’s beak!
You’ll never be alone with your new stationary buddies, except if you have an unhealthy obsession with stationary in which case you’ll probably be left alone by other humans.

Take a butcher’s at Midori’s English page here:

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