Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO

Psst! If you are painting in Tokyo and you’re looking for Montana paint, caps and magazines go here, lean over the counter, and whisper very softly “David Sausage of chottomatte sent me!”, what happens next? Will you be a LUCKY BASTARD??!!!

Station: Toritsu-Daigaku
2-12-5 B1F Nakane Meguro Tokyo jp
Tel: +81357292727

OPEN: 13:00 to 20:00 Tuesday – Saturday






  • Hardcore 400ml ——– ¥780
  • MTN 94 400ml ——– ¥780
  • Montana Alien 250ml ——– ¥740
  • Nitro 2G 400ml ——– ¥840
  • Directions from Toritsu-Daigaku station:
    Ok, from the station you go out and turn right. (past the cafe next to the station). From there you just walk straight for 4-5 minutes. On the left there is a cheap suit store and its on the opposite side of the street another 30 seconds. Its a tiny door u can easily miss!

    5 Comments on “Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO”

    1. […] you want yer fancy schmancy Montana cans, nozzles and other import nicknacks then go to theMontana Shop & Gallery TOKYO The hardware store paint quality is pretty good as cheap paint goes. It’s a bit like UK […]

    2. Thee Epall Crew says:

      Yo …. can post to malaysia?

    3. Mrlankey says:

      Thanks for a good deal on the paint and great service. See you again soon.

    4. Arigatou for the tip! It was proving difficult (near impossible) to find decent spray paint in Tokyo. This store I found everything I needed and guy was super friendly. Thanks for posting.

    5. David Sausage says:

      *Note this place moved to Nagaura in Chiba, an hour away from Tokyo.

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