Herk the Harold Angels sing!!!!  I doubt that’s been said before.   As is often the case with ChottoMatte,  you heard it here first!

Bruce Forskin, Tommy Coupon, and the Arse Bishop Desmond Lynham.  All with due respect of course.  But no where near as much respect as we show when the one and only Dickie Davies shoves his tash in our office letterbox and sez,”What the Fockin ‘ells goin’ on Larry!!!”.     Being a celeb in Nippan has it’s perks and berks.  In my own case I work off me Jeffreys to ‘fix it’ for me little believers.  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN I DO.   Now my old pal, Brucey Forskin is always babblin on about bonuses!!!   And truthe be told here’s one of his.

It is a vid of the aforementioned(below) Mr.Miyagi.  But this time he’s obviously not with the Kararte Kid.  I would use the word KID mind you to describe his accomplice here because the NUTCASE looks like a BABBY GOAT!!!!!

Anyway here we have the chance to get a lower Fi glimpse of our GO doing what he do best.  Yes, you guessed it.  SMOKING BAMBOO!!!

Coin Sid dentally this is filmed at none other than SHIN YOKOHAMA SKATEBOARD AQUARIUM.   The co-incendents being that the two humans featured are riding skateboards and listening to Lou Reed.   It wouldn’t have been a coincident if one of those featured was not a skateboarda but a farmer carrying a hoe.

Did you also know that yours truly is a Proffesional Skatebiddyer?  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN WE DO!!!!

One Comment on “SHIN YOKOHAMA”

  1. sam says:

    Dear Jim
    Dan you fix it for me to go back in time and skate rochdale precinct in the 90s ?

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