Rodders Goes South East of Peckham! SE15 to SE45,986(JAPAN)

Thursday night boys and gals and you know how it is.  Inevitably the human brain will go on a mission of contemplation about Chuck Norris and Cilla Black.   Just Who would win?????   It’s a proper conundrum.   I’ve opted to postpone me ponderings this week though to answer a letter from a young lady in Rochdale named Samantha Fox..

Have a listen to this,

‘Dear Jim
Dan you fix it for me to go back in time and skate rochdale precinct in the 90s ?’

Well now,  I’ve had some tall orders and at first I thought this one might just take the piscuit.

Until I saw the hidden clue in our Samantha’s letter!   You see she’s subconsciously written the word ‘Dan’ at the start.

Re-inforcing my belief that everything is really known by everybody, not only those who have switched from yoghurt to Savlon in the mornings.

Now then Samantha the small panther, I’ll go on to say that you’ll need two more essential things for your time traveling request.

Hotpants and a photograph of Mullet McFox!

The hotpants instructional video is attached below, as is the ‘Dan’ video which you’ll also need and here’s the photo of Mullet.

Now, while wearing the hotpants, listening to the ‘Dan’ song and at the same time looking at a hand held copy of the Mullet pic while doing frontside 360’s on a skateboard you will find yourself traveling through time and space.

Good luck and May the 4th be with you!!

And Nuff Respect to the RDHC

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