DEBBIE McGEE and ANDY ROYness on t’other side o t’pacific and that…YES!!!!!!

Aight!   Not only has the lady pictured below got a magic husband, she’s got a neck capable of holding up 40 lbs of black Kryptonite!!

Kryptonite makes Spiderman wet himself and sometimes falling off your skateboard can make you Rolf all over your Harrrrisssss!!!!

It can also fire you up into A inferno of tension releasing, bullshit destroying, BALL OF LIBERATION!!!!!!

Lord Andy Roy is a liberator. A freedom Fightaaa!!!  He understands how falling on concrete is therapy for the soul!!


Then we can watch the next vid. Keeping in mind that when Nippon decides to embrace something, it embraces it from the core! And the core of Hardcore skateboarding is

LORD ROY!!!!!!!

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