Gweetongues Olliebaddy!   As we saw in our last post about the very real possibility that the Egyptians are still among us, we may see here too that erm…

Embracing something is a result of being stricken with a great fondness for that thing.  Often the causes of such fondnesses are unknown.   Some people are fond of what we can very loosely call the 80’s era of skaggshooting,  some people actually live it and further it.   What Mr.Travolta is saying here is this,  “IT IS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE TO REPRESENT AN ERA, IT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE THAT ERA FURTHETRE”.

John and absinthe are obviousely not a great combonational  but as we saw with the Osaka Daggers….OOOOOOOHHH SHUT UP!!! YOU DICK!!!

Here’s two vids of Craig Questions.  He’s only twenty oneish and has already killed a shitload of bullshit,

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