Guess what?
In appreciation of the last post which featured someone called Craig who likes to aak questions hence the name Craig Questions; in recognition of the fact that we here at the chottomatte like to ask the seering red-hot probe-ikular questions, and the fact that Craig Charles will be DJing at The Lanes in Bristol, England on Friday the 30th of September, us and we, him an evry people’s childrenz of god eillinh willing will have a compdtion, not just any old compdtion – the Craig Competition.


That’s right.
You read it really good, it’s the Craig Cimpetition what’s yhat? It’s a competition in which anyone (called Craig or otherwise) can draw lots amongst themselves the winner then gets to draw a picture or lots of pictures of someone called Craig and guess what? Wll well well…someone called Craig is going to judge the winneringest entry and you know what? The winner gets to meet someone called Craig. Could be questions, could be Charles, could be David Bellamy or craig or one and all for one who knows?!?!
So email your Craig pictures, photoshops, paints, drawings and others and maybe you can meet Craig Charles or Charles Dickens? Who knows? Could you know?

Send drawings to:

Craig Charles will be playing at The Lanes in Bristol on the 30th tickets are 5 quid.


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