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Rodders Goes South East of Peckham! SE15 to SE45,986(JAPAN)

Thursday night boys and gals and you know how it is.  Inevitably the human brain will go on a mission of contemplation about Chuck Norris and Cilla Black.   Just Who would win?????   It’s a proper conundrum.   I’ve opted to postpone me ponderings this week though to answer a letter from a young lady in Rochdale named Samantha Fox..

Have a listen to this,

‘Dear Jim
Dan you fix it for me to go back in time and skate rochdale precinct in the 90s ?’

Well now,  I’ve had some tall orders and at first I thought this one might just take the piscuit.

Until I saw the hidden clue in our Samantha’s letter!   You see she’s subconsciously written the word ‘Dan’ at the start.

Re-inforcing my belief that everything is really known by everybody, not only those who have switched from yoghurt to Savlon in the mornings.

Now then Samantha the small panther, I’ll go on to say that you’ll need two more essential things for your time traveling request.

Hotpants and a photograph of Mullet McFox!

The hotpants instructional video is attached below, as is the ‘Dan’ video which you’ll also need and here’s the photo of Mullet.

Now, while wearing the hotpants, listening to the ‘Dan’ song and at the same time looking at a hand held copy of the Mullet pic while doing frontside 360’s on a skateboard you will find yourself traveling through time and space.

Good luck and May the 4th be with you!!

And Nuff Respect to the RDHC


Herk the Harold Angels sing!!!!  I doubt that’s been said before.   As is often the case with ChottoMatte,  you heard it here first!

Bruce Forskin, Tommy Coupon, and the Arse Bishop Desmond Lynham.  All with due respect of course.  But no where near as much respect as we show when the one and only Dickie Davies shoves his tash in our office letterbox and sez,”What the Fockin ‘ells goin’ on Larry!!!”.     Being a celeb in Nippan has it’s perks and berks.  In my own case I work off me Jeffreys to ‘fix it’ for me little believers.  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN I DO.   Now my old pal, Brucey Forskin is always babblin on about bonuses!!!   And truthe be told here’s one of his.

It is a vid of the aforementioned(below) Mr.Miyagi.  But this time he’s obviously not with the Kararte Kid.  I would use the word KID mind you to describe his accomplice here because the NUTCASE looks like a BABBY GOAT!!!!!

Anyway here we have the chance to get a lower Fi glimpse of our GO doing what he do best.  Yes, you guessed it.  SMOKING BAMBOO!!!

Coin Sid dentally this is filmed at none other than SHIN YOKOHAMA SKATEBOARD AQUARIUM.   The co-incendents being that the two humans featured are riding skateboards and listening to Lou Reed.   It wouldn’t have been a coincident if one of those featured was not a skateboarda but a farmer carrying a hoe.

Did you also know that yours truly is a Proffesional Skatebiddyer?  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN WE DO!!!!


Right Then Boys And Girls.   Now look, I’ve got a letter here from a young man in Greenland.  He’s back at school after the summer holidays and he sez it’s crap.   And could me, Jim, fix it for him to have a bloody good reason to watch youtube on his iphone during Mr.Crumblyballs’ Tadpole tasting class.

Well now Ladies and Gentlemen,  Of course the first thing that came to mind was good old Bruce Springsteen but just then I remembered the pink ball in the snooker highlights.

That pink balls real name is Mr.Go Miyagi and 1,103,103 views on one of his features on youtube makes for pretty good youtubing I raccoon.


Now we can spell it GO or GOU.  Having had the pre-village of meeting the chap I know that he prefers GO. So that’s how we’ll spell it here at whatitsnamatte.

Now let me just say that there are skateboarders and then there are skateboarders and then there is Go Miyagi.


When our GO looks at something which he is considering applying himself and his scooter to, it is like watching Michael Angelo Buonarotti look at a block of marble while thinking about applying himself and his chisel to it.    Only difference is that our GO isn’t thinking about naked fella’s, he’s thinking about getting radical in a way that only a radical thinker can get radical.   You got me drifter?   Give it here then, I’ll eat while we watch this.


One last thing. KY jelly, wax, slime, candles and metal bars need not be confined to pornos anymore! As we’ll now see.  I would have gone in for a tube of Jimmy myself but each to there own, AND GOODWILL TO THEM…


Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO

Psst! If you are painting in Tokyo and you’re looking for Montana paint, caps and magazines go here, lean over the counter, and whisper very softly “David Sausage of chottomatte sent me!”, what happens next? Will you be a LUCKY BASTARD??!!!

Station: Toritsu-Daigaku
2-12-5 B1F Nakane Meguro Tokyo jp
Tel: +81357292727

OPEN: 13:00 to 20:00 Tuesday – Saturday






  • Hardcore 400ml ——– ¥780
  • MTN 94 400ml ——– ¥780
  • Montana Alien 250ml ——– ¥740
  • Nitro 2G 400ml ——– ¥840
  • Directions from Toritsu-Daigaku station:
    Ok, from the station you go out and turn right. (past the cafe next to the station). From there you just walk straight for 4-5 minutes. On the left there is a cheap suit store and its on the opposite side of the street another 30 seconds. Its a tiny door u can easily miss!


    Now then lads and lasses, anybody watch the snooker this aftty? It was top!!! Got a vid of the highlights here.

    Featuring such craftsmen as Mr.Go Miyagi. He’s the pink ball by the way. More of him to come I reckon. Jim’ll fix that up in the next post.

    When it comes to making films of skateboarding, as with all movies, filming and editing makes it or breaks it. But in snooker, When filmer/director/editor Mr. Takahiro Morita breaks, expect magic…

    Poi Poi Poi !!!

    Very One CMK


    Good day Great Britain and Japan.
    There now follows an article in which I, David Sausage, will articulate to you, the Internet sufferer, my account of Osaka graffiti writer VERY.

    I first met Mr. VERY in Busan, Korea, just South of Manchuria in the year 2003. Typical really since he’s always in one time and place or another, or somewhere else completely you wasn’t expecting. I’d been painting with the WONTAK crew locals Basara and the charming JIAL for a few months and they were pretty excited about this Very chap who would soon pay them a visit. Couldn’t see what all the hubbub was about. Yet when the locals piped down they showed me photos from the venerable young Mr. Very’s portfolio. Language certainly isn’t a barrier for this chap. A natural writer, swordsman and explorer par excellence. Quite the graffiti hero – his nom de plume “VERY” scrawled variously, vigourously, internationally with vim and gusto.

    In the crumbliest, flakiest, most chocolatey of opinions of your humble writer, if there’s one role-model young Japanese writers should be aspiring toward today it is this stout fellow: VERY-san of Cream Monks Crew, hailing from Osaka, Japan.

    Upon my setting of broad foot on these foreign shores, I made my wayward in the uppermost haste hasterness toward the humble abode of said gentleman residing in his Osaka mansion, on foot,, with my trusty translator Seiji,,, like a very proper British TWONK!


    1) How did you start writing graffiti?

    I started writing from the day I saw the movie WILD STYLE in 1996.

    2) How did you find VERY as a tag name?

    It was a nick name from Junior High school but I don’t really want to talk about the details.

    3) How would you describe Japanese graffiti style, it seems related to L.A. style but what makes it unique?

    I love the scene in Osaka because of its unique style and individuality. I don’t really think Osaka graffiti style is an LA style as such.



    4) You have traveled a lot, where have you been and painted? and what was the best place?

    South Korea (Seoul,Pusan), China (Shang Hai),Thailand (Bangkok), Philippines (Manila), Indonesia(Bali,Jakarta,Bandun), U.S. (LA,Long Beach, San Diego, SF, Seatle, Chicago, Indianapolis, NY), Canada (Vancouver, Montreal), Czech Republic (Prague, Buruno), Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna). There are so many places so that’s the reason in a way I don’t really have a best or favourite.

    5) Does an “Asian style” of graffiti exist? What makes graffiti in Asian countries different to the other countries you have visited?

    The culture of graffiti has only just started in Asia but already, at the same time it is getting so big. There are so many young and rad artists out there. Their style is fresh too.

    Having said that the scene in Japan should be more active.

    6) You practice with Katana swords. Do you have a picture?

    (Mr. Very’s sword name perhaps?!) Look here!

    7) What’s your advice to young Japanese writers?

    My advice to young Japanese writers? There are many fresh graffiti writers throughout Asia so it might be interesting if you just go out and connect with the freshest artists in Asia. If not, we’re all going to miss out.

    8 ) Shout outs to…? (Dedications)

    There are too many to thank. I always gets support from many others. Thanks to all of you.

    9) When did you start your interest in Drum and Bass as a DJ?

    I used to do Hip Hop as a DJ but then I found Drum and Bass in around ’98 and then I started playing that around that time. After that I have been playing and addicted to Dub Step since I first heard it in 2006.

    Thank you VERY.


    Very 日本語

    1. どうしてグラフィティをはじめたのですか?

    映画WILD STYLEを観た日に始めました、1996年。

    2. Veryのタグネームの由来を教えてください。


    3. 日本のグラフィテについてどう思われますか?若干LAスタイルにも類似していると思いますが、どこがユニークなのでしょう?


    4. ベリーさんはよく旅行に行かれるということですが、行き先とボムした場所を教えてください。そしてどこの国がベストでしたか?


    5. ”アジアンスタイル”のグラフィティというのは存在すると思いますか?アジアのグラフィティは旅先でのものと、どこが違うと感じますか?



    6. 刀写真ください!


    7. 若きグラフライター達に何かアドバイスはありますか?


    8. 感謝したい作家達は・・・Shout out to・・・みたいな。


    9. どうしてJungle, Dub Step Drum and Bassもはじめたのですか?

    元々ヒップホップのDJをしてた、98年頃DRUM N BASSに衝撃を受けてそれからしばらくDRUM N BASSを回してた。
    06年にDUB STEPに出会ってからはそれに夢中やね


    Thank you VERY. Poi Poi Poi!

    All photos copyright Veryone
    from his Flickr: