See No Evil 2012

Bristol held the See No Evil 2012 event and the first I heard of it was when Bubba sent us this…. the last Golden Egggggggg! Grab it furraprize!








Heaven & Earth

Father Sausage: Any confessions to make before your soul is consumed by hellfire that would make good reading for chottomatte?

Sickboy: I had a habit of slamming doors as I ran through them and almost broke a girls arm at primary school being called to lunch first she was a rather painful second.

Heaven & Earth: A major London solo show by Sickboy
November 3-6, 2011 at Dray Walk,
91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

Featuring a special collaboration with…


King of the Hull Style – Elite

“This writer should be given the props…
King of the Hull style Leebo aka Elite
A truly original writer taking his inspiration from Hip Hop and filtering it through the spirit of Northern Working Class culture.
A true original and unsung hero. Makes all that off key shit look tame…
Leebo deserves a book.” Pinky DRA

“Lee was the only 4 element HipHopper of the 80s-90s in Hull. A true Legend in his own right, an original guy who’s influence for his creativity I reckon was himself. He was a good friend then and still is now. Respect Leebo.” Shade DRA

“Small man, big ideas. One of the most underrated in British writing history. The original Hull Don” MORN One

“(His style) reminds me a little of what Petro is doing now – True Hull head” Eko TCF

“King of the Cosmic flow” Paris TCF

And now for your listening pleasure we are going to go back to 1992 and have a listen to the sound of the main if not the main originator of all things unique, fresh and from the heart in Hull graffiti and Hip Hop – Leebo is what it’s all about.
These ten tracks were released as an album “Two Sides” by D.R.A.M.A the music wing of the Devious Rebels of Art in 1992. DJ Sheik and Elite on the mic.

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 1

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 2

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 3

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 4

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 5

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 6

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 7

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 8

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 9

DRAMA Two Sides by DJ Sheik and Elite – Track 10

All images from Mr Pinks Flickr –

All music copyright 1992 Sheik and Leebo.

*If you want to hear these tracks or any other mp3 files on your iPhone I recommend the Download app to download them straight to your phone.

Spraypaint in Japan

Spraypaint in Japan

In Japanistan domestic spraypaint cans are male and the nozzles are female. Snot good fyour rucksack. For all intense purposes there are two kinds of domestic paint you can find readily:


  1. Mini Blamo ¥100 cans from Daiso and other 100 yen shops. (100ml)
  2. Hardware store paint is from ¥200-800 a pop. (300ml)

If you want yer fancy schmancy Montana cans, nozzles and other import nicknacks then go to the Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO
The hardware store paint quality is pretty good as cheap paint goes. It’s a bit like UK Carplan paint – the yellows and oranges are going to be sparse and the blues and blacks going to come out thick.

Stock caps on the hardware store cans are mental, only proper mentalists like Mr. True try use them (on bare concrete no less). Thankfully the stock caps on ¥100 cans are real good but should you require a bit more precision in your work you can’t go wrong with Drip Homeworks who supply Scotch Caps for every style.

This is from their website:




PINK[smooth fat]

GREEN[flare shade]

YELLOW[super skinny]

LIGHT GREEN[slowline smooth fat]

The prices for these babies start at ¥1000 for 20 of one kind or matey sells them in special variety packs costing ¥2500 for 50. This site also stocks Krink, Sharpies, Markers, Black Books DVD’s and the two best graffiti magazines in Japan Kaze magazine and HS magazine!

Atsugi Keishin Haunted Haikyo Hospital R.I.P.

ATSUGI, Kanagawa — A shutdown hospital here widely known for being “haunted” and the site of petty crime has been bought by the city and is set be demolished and have its land redeveloped into a park, city officials have announced.

According to the city, after “Atsugi Keishin Hospital” closed in 1997, the building has been left to deteriorate, becoming the target of graffiti and suffering damage such as broken windows and a small fire.

The hospital has been introduced as a “haunted spot” on both television and the Internet, and some youths who tried to sneak a look at the “haunted” hospital last year ended up being mugged. The problems have led local residents to complain to the city.

To remove the hospital, the city sought the ownership deed from its registered owner, a religious organization in Osaka Prefecture, but negotiations were stymied by the fact that the land was put up as collateral for loans. However, when the organization failed to pay city taxes on time, the land was seized and put up for public auction. On April 23, the Atsugi Municipal Government bought the hospital and its 2,605-square-meter lot with a bid of 12.63 million yen. The city says it was the only bidder.

Atsugi Keishin Hospital was one of Kanto regions most famous “Haikyo” or ruins. Very creepy little joint that sat on the outskirts of Atsugi and boasted floor after floor of full colour, full sized productions.
Check out for more Haikyo

Graffiti Japan

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Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO

Psst! If you are painting in Tokyo and you’re looking for Montana paint, caps and magazines go here, lean over the counter, and whisper very softly “David Sausage of chottomatte sent me!”, what happens next? Will you be a LUCKY BASTARD??!!!

Station: Toritsu-Daigaku
2-12-5 B1F Nakane Meguro Tokyo jp
Tel: +81357292727

OPEN: 13:00 to 20:00 Tuesday – Saturday






  • Hardcore 400ml ——– ¥780
  • MTN 94 400ml ——– ¥780
  • Montana Alien 250ml ——– ¥740
  • Nitro 2G 400ml ——– ¥840
  • Directions from Toritsu-Daigaku station:
    Ok, from the station you go out and turn right. (past the cafe next to the station). From there you just walk straight for 4-5 minutes. On the left there is a cheap suit store and its on the opposite side of the street another 30 seconds. Its a tiny door u can easily miss!