Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO

Psst! If you are painting in Tokyo and you’re looking for Montana paint, caps and magazines go here, lean over the counter, and whisper very softly “David Sausage of chottomatte sent me!”, what happens next? Will you be a LUCKY BASTARD??!!!

Station: Toritsu-Daigaku
2-12-5 B1F Nakane Meguro Tokyo jp
Tel: +81357292727

OPEN: 13:00 to 20:00 Tuesday – Saturday






  • Hardcore 400ml ——– ¥780
  • MTN 94 400ml ——– ¥780
  • Montana Alien 250ml ——– ¥740
  • Nitro 2G 400ml ——– ¥840
  • Directions from Toritsu-Daigaku station:
    Ok, from the station you go out and turn right. (past the cafe next to the station). From there you just walk straight for 4-5 minutes. On the left there is a cheap suit store and its on the opposite side of the street another 30 seconds. Its a tiny door u can easily miss!

    DA RU

    Now then. Extremely hello every baldy. My name is Jimmy Savlon, also known as POCARIT CLOP. Gweetings. Respectcetera. I’m going to speak a little bit, not a lot, every second counts, about skate boar DING!!!!!! Namely, in Nippon. First of all I want you to bring to mind your perception of ‘skateboarding’. Secondly I want you to tell that perception to go and burn in Heaven for evermore because whatever it is, I GWARantee, it’s right off the mark. Is skateboarding cool? Is it Punk Rock? Is it Hip Hop? Is it crap? No, it’s none of these and none of anything else. Skateboards have been knocking about since long before any of the above. Yes, even before feecese. A skateboard is just a skateboard and whatever you do with it is ENTIRELY up to you. Play Cricket with it. Dig an ‘ole with one. Use one as a skateboard. There are no rules. Except the unwritten ones. But they aren’t in writing and never will be. HERE IN JIPPON we give far east of a shit about what one does with a skateboard. Of course the unwritten rules filter through somewhat from the western isles but they can be quite easily shat upon.

    In OSAKA there is a man. A Gentleman of the highest order named.. CHOPPER. He was ‘discovered’ by a very good friend of mine…

    Look, Chopper is the same age as me, grew up through the same era of skateboarding and manages to blow the fucking roof off the establishment. And always has as far as I know. Now of course a man like that naturally grows popular with others who are genius enough to see the advantages and more so, the possibilities. His ‘crew’ define the word UNIQUE.

    9 years ago I travelled on a choo choo to Osaka to hang out with my friend Chopper for the weekend. He took me straight to Osaka Castle, Spotaka skate shop, a few other places, then fat okonomiyaki and major beer ingestion all the while giggling as he warned me that he was about to introduce me to a psychopath. A man with crazy eyeballs. I’d actually started to get worried. The man I finally met turned out to be a saint. And a psychopath.

    His name is DAL, pronounced DARU. THIS is skateboarding.

    See yer!

    Shibuya Today #2


    Simon True and Dr. Dog in Ex Park Chiba

    Hello here’s Simon True of Heroin Skateboars and Dr. Dog painting Roland Rat, Kevin the Gerbil, Kevin Bacon (with breasts) sharing a Japanese onsen bath with Radovan Karadzic. Good day to you.












    Chotto Matte Egg Hunt in Nelson Street Ends Today!

    Look for the six golden eggs from Thursday

    1. Follow Mr. Bubba’s rappin rhymes riddles on twitter @beelziBUBBER and @david_sausage
    2. See if you can find the six golden eggs
    3. Send an email with your contact email address to the special address you find on the flag. If there’s no flag then crack the egg to find the email you need inside!
    4. The most prolific egg hunter wins a special Japan-only chottomatte goodie-prize bag presented by Bubba on Saturday

    Egg #1

    Where FEEK and Ice Cream be getting it on
    You can talk to Mother Goose through the intercom correction *M.I.A.*

    Egg #2

    Goosey got the PARTY bug like bird influenza
    If you can’t find the bog see the motion sensor!

    Egg #3

    Under the city’s DRAGON by da O.G. Pandas
    Mama Goosey dropped her load, climb to have a gander


    Egg #4

    If you go and find MILK at the top of the steps
    She told MOTHER GOOSE she better know the LEDGE

    Egg #5

    She drops another load as ACER sinks ships
    Look below the fresh pieces and through the rubbish

    Egg #6

    Where the wolf howls over @xnz moonlit canopy
    Goosey got brave and dropped her gold in a tree

    Good luck!!!

    etnies shoes from Guru’s Cut & Stand

    kid shoes

    Model RVM

    I got a present from my friend whose his job is hair dresser as well as a sick skateboarder. That is etnies shooooooes for my son Joji! I love you Morichan. His shop is only 1min walk away form Yutenji stn, Tokyu Toyoko Line. This is a place where many skaters pop in.


    Some old movie from our Christmas overnight smash hit with Lionel Richie. Pay due attention to the sensuous detail on Lionel’s facials by Simon True of Heroin Skateboards.

    Blazepipe is for pipes