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The heat is on but you can’t do that in Pearson Park! 🐕

Bertie And The Brostitutes

Watch as Matt and Luke Gross make a viral video of Luke pissing himsen in a local supermarket and upload it to the official Bertrand Bassalt Instacunt feed. Only a fakkin miracle can save these kuntz and make them world famous now!

Bagheads in Bandailand!

Messers Alcock and Clagpole are experts in the field of video games! Their knowledge of high end gaming will impress you!!

Leebo Pulse Interview 1994

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What other writers have to say…

“This writer should be given the props…
King of the Hull style Leebo aka Elite
A truly original writer taking his inspiration from Hip Hop and filtering it through the spirit of Northern Working Class culture.
A true original and unsung hero. Makes all that off key shit look tame…
Leebo deserves a book.” Pinky DRA

“Lee was the only 4 element HipHopper of the 80s-90s in Hull. A true Legend in his own right, an original guy who’s influence for his creativity I reckon was himself. He was a good friend then and still is now. Respect Leebo.” Shade DRA

“Small man, big ideas. One of the most underrated in British writing history. The original Hull Don” MORN One

“(His style) reminds me a little of what Petro is doing now – True Hull head” Eko TCF

“King of the Cosmic flow” Paris TCF

And now for your listening pleasure we are going to go back to ’94 and have a listen to the sound of the main if not the main originator of all things unique, fresh and from the heart in Hull graffiti and Hip Hop – Leebo is what it’s all about.
These ten tracks were released as an album “Two Sides” by D.R.A.M.A the music wing of the Devious Rebels of Art in 1994. DJ Sheik and Elite on the mic.

D.R.A.M.A. – Two Sides Leebo

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10

Parents Upset Over New Nintendo Console – Super Nintendo – Circa 1991

Show in Shibooooya!



So Gallery
Shibuya presenting
Russell Maurice
Kensei Yabuno
Hiroshi Iguchi
28th November

Have you ever met any of the Rubber People?

The all new adventure(s) of Telfinder Fingernip and Horsenek Hellthruster begins today exclusively on !!!
You’ll feel like rubber after watching this one!

Graffiti in the UK: Beat This (1984) Bomin (1987)

Kinchan no kasoutaushou!!!

Kinchan no kasoutaushou!!!

Open Studio and Cosmic Solstice Tree Auction


yeah me again… I know you’re busy but I thought you’d like to know

I have an Open Studio session happening this weekend here in Brighton.

Also I’ve made a Cosmic Solstice Tree for a Brighton homeless charity…helping those sleeping rough.

It’s on tonight – Tuesday 2nd Dec.. You can also bid online

details here