Atsugi Keishin Haunted Haikyo Hospital R.I.P.

ATSUGI, Kanagawa — A shutdown hospital here widely known for being “haunted” and the site of petty crime has been bought by the city and is set be demolished and have its land redeveloped into a park, city officials have announced.

According to the city, after “Atsugi Keishin Hospital” closed in 1997, the building has been left to deteriorate, becoming the target of graffiti and suffering damage such as broken windows and a small fire.

The hospital has been introduced as a “haunted spot” on both television and the Internet, and some youths who tried to sneak a look at the “haunted” hospital last year ended up being mugged. The problems have led local residents to complain to the city.

To remove the hospital, the city sought the ownership deed from its registered owner, a religious organization in Osaka Prefecture, but negotiations were stymied by the fact that the land was put up as collateral for loans. However, when the organization failed to pay city taxes on time, the land was seized and put up for public auction. On April 23, the Atsugi Municipal Government bought the hospital and its 2,605-square-meter lot with a bid of 12.63 million yen. The city says it was the only bidder.

Atsugi Keishin Hospital was one of Kanto regions most famous “Haikyo” or ruins. Very creepy little joint that sat on the outskirts of Atsugi and boasted floor after floor of full colour, full sized productions.
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Simon True and Dr. Dog in Ex Park Chiba

Hello here’s Simon True of Heroin Skateboars and Dr. Dog painting Roland Rat, Kevin the Gerbil, Kevin Bacon (with breasts) sharing a Japanese onsen bath with Radovan Karadzic. Good day to you.




















I was flippin through Flickr a while back when some crazy trippy erotic cut and paste collage art jobby flew out from the screen. After wipiNg myself off and *ahem* inspecting the author of these,,, outrages, I came across Ichasu!
A like-minded pant rat to swap images with? No!!!
A nasty graffiti thug man-coward who objectifies women with his cut and paste? No!!!
Actually, a 22 year old university art lecturer! A lecturer! Fun, funky, fresh and guess what?…
I immediately clammed up… meeting Ichasu, a woman, for the first time always does that tttttto little David Sausage. Women. Ive always found it so difficult to hold conversation with them. Mysterious creatures… With their,,, breasts. I was rocking in my chair chewing my knuckles hard as she came in… But wow with Ichasu, straight away we could talk international Eros until the cows came home! I talked and talked and walked her to the Tokyo graffiti shop and after giving her a crash course in can selection, we had more talk. I really talked to her. Now that I’ve actually talked to a woman about naked women without offending her in real-time, real-life I’m going to tell you all about it on my blog in cyber-space,,, where we can hide,,, behind a pseudonym,,, uh,,, look

1) Where does yourname Ichasu come from?

2) How did you come to love drawing, cutting and pasting, painting and creating so much?
3) You have a lot of erotic content in your work! It's unusual for a girl
to include so much in her work. It's cool, we love Eros here at chottomatte!
When did you start putting erotic things in your work?
What's the reaction from people?

4) Tell us about your cool new zine. Where can we buy it?


5) What are your plans for the future?




You can see Ichasu’s portfolio here:

*English translation to follow*

Jet Set Radio!!!

The Dreamcast console made it’s debut in November 1998 in Japan and was later introduced to the North America and Europe markets.
What sets the Dreamcast apart from other consoles of the time and indeed today is the high concentration of fresh, stylish, innovative and playable games. The Dreamcast console’s lifespan ended prematurely after a few years but in that time so many excellent games became available – Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead II, Samba De Amigo (with maracas controllers). There were some pretty weird, mostly Japanese only releases to boot:

Seaman – a ‘game’ in which you raised your own half fish half man from an egg via communication through a special microphone controller add on.

Tokyo Bus Guide – another ‘game’ simulator in which you learn how to erm, drive a bus accurately around Tokyo picking up and dropping off Tokyoites. Don’t bump the Kerb or it’s game over???

Rez – a fast paced shooting game with unique visuals set to a banging house soundtrack.

Get Bass – you errrr get bass fish by plugging in your fishing controller and ah,, waiting for fish.

Sega Karaoke – here you bought yet another machine add-on which fit at the bottom of the console and allowed you to download the songs of your liking via the Internet and yes, sing them through a microphone controller!

However, there was really only one specific title that caught my eye, a game called Jet Set Radio.

Graffiti, Shibuya, Sega’s arcade freshness and underneath that a really fun game that was and still is very interesting to watch and play. I made it my priority to get hold of this and a Dreamcast as soon as it became affordable and it didn’t disappoint. After a brief challenge to get the hang of the trigger boost system similar to Tony Hawks, you are invited to barge recklessly into rival crew members, rack their paint and get up on the side of a bus in broad daylight in Shibuya bus station! This game is haaawsome!!
Luckily the Dreamcast came with a serious hardware fault in terms of piracy – the laser inside can read normal CD’s burnt on your home PC. If you can find a cheap Dreamcast from Book-Off or ebay and a couple of CD-R audio disks you can burn these games and see for yourself what I’m onnabout. Below there’s a link to De La Jet Set Radio (the limited edition Japan only release) which has extra levels and characters.

You’ll definately have fun playing this game. The soundtrack is radickle, the gameplay is fun and the graphics still fraxilate my cranium over 10 years later. Keep a flying eyeball out for Bristol writer Inkie’s graffiti in there too.


here (.nrg file)


Emulators for the Dreamcast and other games can be found here

Discjuggler trial version (trial version burns .cdi files onto your CD-R audio disk)

Penguin Paperclips!

(C) Kunihiro Saito



When one of the chipolatas came home from nursery the other day and showered me with a bundle of papers something caught my eye. ‘Twas the glint of a silver penguin silhouette slipped loving in the corner. Upon further inspextion one found these joyous critter clips!

This range of cute stationary says everything we have come to associate with great Japanese design: cute, compact, colourful and just totally random.

From Midori’s site:

“The animal-shaped paperclips,“D-CLIPS have always been hotsellers. Carefully and meticulously designed to the last detail, the paper clips artistically represent cherished animals and are among the favorite items of many MIDORI lovers. The D-CLIPS began with eight animals. Then in 2009, we introduced the “Aquarium” series of marine animals, as well as the “Pet” series of house pets. Now, the paper clips come in 16 animal shapes. In addition, this year again, we are offering new, improved versions of the limited-time Christmas designs, which enjoyed high popularity last year. The more designs of “D-CLIPS” you collect, the more fun you have!”

D Clips come in a range of shapes and styles dogs, cats, ducks trucks and horses.
Mini cleaner II will skilfully sweep any eraser residue in the most erudite fashion.
Swingbird correction tape which won a Good design award, spares any blushes with a swift drag of it’s beak!
You’ll never be alone with your new stationary buddies, except if you have an unhealthy obsession with stationary in which case you’ll probably be left alone by other humans.

Take a butcher’s at Midori’s English page here:

Sakuragicho Wall

Sakuragichou graffiti wall was well over a mile long. Not far from the center of Yokohama near the famous Landmark Tower chock a block full of pieces including works from Kress, Kane, QP, Ames, Daste, Dems, Esow, Phil, Neim and some out of towners Very and Casper. Just begs the question why the hell would you cover the wall?! Does it really look better? Maybe Yokohama should take a look at how most major cities are capitalising on graffiti. The wall is a gift. It’s strange to see all the perspex Banksy shields in the UK and then come back here and they’re painting over what had to be one of the longest fully pieced stretches of wall in the world with grey, GREY! Isnt there enough of that colour already? Suppose it didn’t fit in with all the swanky new shopping malls and apartments being built around there eh?

Here is a very looooong join up:

The Empty Eggs


Shorewood Gallery Japan Banksy

Last summer, two British guys returned some eggs back to the Japanese community. Those eggs were smooth and milky white and there was not a hairline crack upon them. What exotic bird-creature had laid them thither one could only speculate. Results from the Shorewood laboratory were conclusive… these were… THE EMPTY EGGS!