Sakuragicho Wall

Sakuragichou graffiti wall was well over a mile long. Not far from the center of Yokohama near the famous Landmark Tower chock a block full of pieces including works from Kress, Kane, QP, Ames, Daste, Dems, Esow, Phil, Neim and some out of towners Very and Casper. Just begs the question why the hell would you cover the wall?! Does it really look better? Maybe Yokohama should take a look at how most major cities are capitalising on graffiti. The wall is a gift. It’s strange to see all the perspex Banksy shields in the UK and then come back here and they’re painting over what had to be one of the longest fully pieced stretches of wall in the world with grey, GREY! Isnt there enough of that colour already? Suppose it didn’t fit in with all the swanky new shopping malls and apartments being built around there eh?

Here is a very looooong join up: