Save The Youth’s Phet-induced author talks his up and coming work, moon craters and take away meat. Since 2000 AAGH crew has been a safe haven for youngsters interested in exterior decoration, sharing ideas and what not. David Sausage investigates.

picture by Viktor

Thank you for talking to the Chotto Matte.

1) How did you become Sickboy?
I became Sickboy in a moment of confusion in my formative years as a repugnant wall decorator in the South West of England

2) What’s going to happen next?!
I have a major solo show in London dropping in September called Heaven and Earth it’s set to be a biggie with some collaborative pieces in the form of an installation with artists such as Ben Eine, Anthony Lister, Word to Mother to name a few.

3) What really gets you going?
Bright colours and a lucid narrative.

4) What is AAGH?
Aagh is a collective of artist formed by patrons and sickboy. It stands for “Ave A Go Heroes” and can be summed up by the notion of painting with gold butter on a moon crater in front of a load of butter critics from earth. And laughing in their face as your chosen medium fails to stick amidst zero gravity and cosmic bombardments.

5) What makes good graffiti?
If it’s done from the heart you can tell that it’s good.

6) Is graffiti still becoming more popular and mainstream? How much is that to do with Banksy?
I try not to pay much attention, four studio walls, a kebab shop and the odd hop over a fence are enough to keep me at full capacity.

7) How did you make the transition from bomber to successful commercial artist? I mean I sort of know,,, I used to wake up to the sound of our front gate slamming only to peer out the window and see the back of you peddling off on your bmx ready to clinch some big deal,,, but it’s not just talent and persistence, or is it?
Haha you make me sound like a stock broker. I don’t know whatever comes naturally I suppose. The world is full of exciting opportunities I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a diverse range of stuff. And it’s a dream to be self sufficient and do what you love. I try to strike a balance and keep things fresh.

8 ) You have one of the best tagging styles I’ve seen amongst writers. How?
Haha beauty is in the eye if the beholder! I believe you thousands wouldn’t. Tagging’s fun isn’t it? After however many years you carve your own niche doodads for breakfast. Do a wall dance with spraycan on full pressure!

9) You have one of the most thickly sarcastic senses of humour I’ve seen amongst writers. The last time we met we went into that chaps convenience store, I withdrew cash and you were tagging his furniture in front of him walking out and slipping a note into his breast pocket, he was,,, speechless! 😮 How?
Natural born pisstaker I surprise my self sometimes.

10 ) Will you be painting at Inkie’s “See No Evil”? If yes, what will you paint?
I think so I’m pretty flat out on this show but the walls at see no evil are pretty tempting plus jerk chicken dinner tickets and free hangovers! Yes!

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