New Hull Warehouses

In the bath thinking about the Schmotesy Heartlands Hull graff video… wonderin’ to m’sen bet someone’s got a copy…
Googled it and up came footage of a “new” warehouses!!! Look at that Hull flavour as strong as ever – the environment shapes the style of the graff… Looks like a big place and hopefully pieces with full backgrounds will go up too as better space runs out. Now where is Schmotesy? I want a copy of Heartlands part 1 so I can remember them good old days…





2 Comments on “New Hull Warehouses”

  1. mat says:

    shitttt man ,,timewarp ,,is identical the old wharehouses we painted ,,i think i need to go and paint here ,,

    styles are mad tooo,,,whoa ,so need to think about what drives this wacky shit in that wacky town ,,,coming home for christmas?



  2. […] happens. But anyway I was lookin for that and I typed up “Hull Graffiti Warehouses” and then I found this video of them like you know their pieces, you know, those three you’ve […]

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