Spraypaint in Japan

Spraypaint in Japan

In Japanistan domestic spraypaint cans are male and the nozzles are female. Snot good fyour rucksack. For all intense purposes there are two kinds of domestic paint you can find readily:


  1. Mini Blamo ¥100 cans from Daiso and other 100 yen shops. (100ml)
  2. Hardware store paint is from ¥200-800 a pop. (300ml)

If you want yer fancy schmancy Montana cans, nozzles and other import nicknacks then go to the Montana Shop & Gallery TOKYO
The hardware store paint quality is pretty good as cheap paint goes. It’s a bit like UK Carplan paint – the yellows and oranges are going to be sparse and the blues and blacks going to come out thick.

Stock caps on the hardware store cans are mental, only proper mentalists like Mr. True try use them (on bare concrete no less). Thankfully the stock caps on ¥100 cans are real good but should you require a bit more precision in your work you can’t go wrong with Drip Homeworks who supply Scotch Caps for every style.

This is from their website:




PINK[smooth fat]

GREEN[flare shade]

YELLOW[super skinny]

LIGHT GREEN[slowline smooth fat]

The prices for these babies start at ¥1000 for 20 of one kind or matey sells them in special variety packs costing ¥2500 for 50. This site also stocks Krink, Sharpies, Markers, Black Books DVD’s and the two best graffiti magazines in Japan Kaze magazine and HS magazine!



Guess what?
In appreciation of the last post which featured someone called Craig who likes to aak questions hence the name Craig Questions; in recognition of the fact that we here at the chottomatte like to ask the seering red-hot probe-ikular questions, and the fact that Craig Charles will be DJing at The Lanes in Bristol, England on Friday the 30th of September, us and we, him an evry people’s childrenz of god eillinh willing will have a compdtion, not just any old compdtion – the Craig Competition.


That’s right.
You read it really good, it’s the Craig Cimpetition what’s yhat? It’s a competition in which anyone (called Craig or otherwise) can draw lots amongst themselves the winner then gets to draw a picture or lots of pictures of someone called Craig and guess what? Wll well well…someone called Craig is going to judge the winneringest entry and you know what? The winner gets to meet someone called Craig. Could be questions, could be Charles, could be David Bellamy or craig or one and all for one who knows?!?!
So email your Craig pictures, photoshops, paints, drawings and others and maybe you can meet Craig Charles or Charles Dickens? Who knows? Could you know?

Send drawings to: craigdrawings@chottomatte.co.uk

Craig Charles will be playing at The Lanes in Bristol on the 30th tickets are 5 quid.



Gweetongues Olliebaddy!   As we saw in our last post about the very real possibility that the Egyptians are still among us, we may see here too that erm…

Embracing something is a result of being stricken with a great fondness for that thing.  Often the causes of such fondnesses are unknown.   Some people are fond of what we can very loosely call the 80’s era of skaggshooting,  some people actually live it and further it.   What Mr.Travolta is saying here is this,  “IT IS NOT ONLY POSSIBLE TO REPRESENT AN ERA, IT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE THAT ERA FURTHETRE”.

John and absinthe are obviousely not a great combonational  but as we saw with the Osaka Daggers….OOOOOOOHHH SHUT UP!!! YOU DICK!!!

Here’s two vids of Craig Questions.  He’s only twenty oneish and has already killed a shitload of bullshit,


This Japanese iPhone application RapMushi is dope!!!
Download it for free here




And thanks to Naruse Tsubasa for the labour of love cos it’s free! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rapmushi/id420146137

DEBBIE McGEE and ANDY ROYness on t’other side o t’pacific and that…YES!!!!!!

Aight!   Not only has the lady pictured below got a magic husband, she’s got a neck capable of holding up 40 lbs of black Kryptonite!!

Kryptonite makes Spiderman wet himself and sometimes falling off your skateboard can make you Rolf all over your Harrrrisssss!!!!

It can also fire you up into A inferno of tension releasing, bullshit destroying, BALL OF LIBERATION!!!!!!

Lord Andy Roy is a liberator. A freedom Fightaaa!!!  He understands how falling on concrete is therapy for the soul!!


Then we can watch the next vid. Keeping in mind that when Nippon decides to embrace something, it embraces it from the core! And the core of Hardcore skateboarding is

LORD ROY!!!!!!!

Atsugi Keishin Haunted Haikyo Hospital R.I.P.

ATSUGI, Kanagawa — A shutdown hospital here widely known for being “haunted” and the site of petty crime has been bought by the city and is set be demolished and have its land redeveloped into a park, city officials have announced.

According to the city, after “Atsugi Keishin Hospital” closed in 1997, the building has been left to deteriorate, becoming the target of graffiti and suffering damage such as broken windows and a small fire.

The hospital has been introduced as a “haunted spot” on both television and the Internet, and some youths who tried to sneak a look at the “haunted” hospital last year ended up being mugged. The problems have led local residents to complain to the city.

To remove the hospital, the city sought the ownership deed from its registered owner, a religious organization in Osaka Prefecture, but negotiations were stymied by the fact that the land was put up as collateral for loans. However, when the organization failed to pay city taxes on time, the land was seized and put up for public auction. On April 23, the Atsugi Municipal Government bought the hospital and its 2,605-square-meter lot with a bid of 12.63 million yen. The city says it was the only bidder.

Atsugi Keishin Hospital was one of Kanto regions most famous “Haikyo” or ruins. Very creepy little joint that sat on the outskirts of Atsugi and boasted floor after floor of full colour, full sized productions.
Check out http://www.michaeljohngrist.com/ruins-gallery/ for more Haikyo


Graffiti Japan

LOOK! Send your graffiti pictures to graffiti@chottomatte.co.uk

Rodders Goes South East of Peckham! SE15 to SE45,986(JAPAN)

Thursday night boys and gals and you know how it is.  Inevitably the human brain will go on a mission of contemplation about Chuck Norris and Cilla Black.   Just Who would win?????   It’s a proper conundrum.   I’ve opted to postpone me ponderings this week though to answer a letter from a young lady in Rochdale named Samantha Fox..

Have a listen to this,

‘Dear Jim
Dan you fix it for me to go back in time and skate rochdale precinct in the 90s ?’

Well now,  I’ve had some tall orders and at first I thought this one might just take the piscuit.

Until I saw the hidden clue in our Samantha’s letter!   You see she’s subconsciously written the word ‘Dan’ at the start.

Re-inforcing my belief that everything is really known by everybody, not only those who have switched from yoghurt to Savlon in the mornings.

Now then Samantha the small panther, I’ll go on to say that you’ll need two more essential things for your time traveling request.

Hotpants and a photograph of Mullet McFox!

The hotpants instructional video is attached below, as is the ‘Dan’ video which you’ll also need and here’s the photo of Mullet.

Now, while wearing the hotpants, listening to the ‘Dan’ song and at the same time looking at a hand held copy of the Mullet pic while doing frontside 360’s on a skateboard you will find yourself traveling through time and space.

Good luck and May the 4th be with you!!

And Nuff Respect to the RDHC


Herk the Harold Angels sing!!!!  I doubt that’s been said before.   As is often the case with ChottoMatte,  you heard it here first!

Bruce Forskin, Tommy Coupon, and the Arse Bishop Desmond Lynham.  All with due respect of course.  But no where near as much respect as we show when the one and only Dickie Davies shoves his tash in our office letterbox and sez,”What the Fockin ‘ells goin’ on Larry!!!”.     Being a celeb in Nippan has it’s perks and berks.  In my own case I work off me Jeffreys to ‘fix it’ for me little believers.  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN I DO.   Now my old pal, Brucey Forskin is always babblin on about bonuses!!!   And truthe be told here’s one of his.

It is a vid of the aforementioned(below) Mr.Miyagi.  But this time he’s obviously not with the Kararte Kid.  I would use the word KID mind you to describe his accomplice here because the NUTCASE looks like a BABBY GOAT!!!!!

Anyway here we have the chance to get a lower Fi glimpse of our GO doing what he do best.  Yes, you guessed it.  SMOKING BAMBOO!!!

Coin Sid dentally this is filmed at none other than SHIN YOKOHAMA SKATEBOARD AQUARIUM.   The co-incendents being that the two humans featured are riding skateboards and listening to Lou Reed.   It wouldn’t have been a coincident if one of those featured was not a skateboarda but a farmer carrying a hoe.

Did you also know that yours truly is a Proffesional Skatebiddyer?  MAKE SHIT HAPPEN WE DO!!!!