Right Then Boys And Girls.   Now look, I’ve got a letter here from a young man in Greenland.  He’s back at school after the summer holidays and he sez it’s crap.   And could me, Jim, fix it for him to have a bloody good reason to watch youtube on his iphone during Mr.Crumblyballs’ Tadpole tasting class.

Well now Ladies and Gentlemen,  Of course the first thing that came to mind was good old Bruce Springsteen but just then I remembered the pink ball in the snooker highlights.

That pink balls real name is Mr.Go Miyagi and 1,103,103 views on one of his features on youtube makes for pretty good youtubing I raccoon.


Now we can spell it GO or GOU.  Having had the pre-village of meeting the chap I know that he prefers GO. So that’s how we’ll spell it here at whatitsnamatte.

Now let me just say that there are skateboarders and then there are skateboarders and then there is Go Miyagi.


When our GO looks at something which he is considering applying himself and his scooter to, it is like watching Michael Angelo Buonarotti look at a block of marble while thinking about applying himself and his chisel to it.    Only difference is that our GO isn’t thinking about naked fella’s, he’s thinking about getting radical in a way that only a radical thinker can get radical.   You got me drifter?   Give it here then, I’ll eat while we watch this.


One last thing. KY jelly, wax, slime, candles and metal bars need not be confined to pornos anymore! As we’ll now see.  I would have gone in for a tube of Jimmy myself but each to there own, AND GOODWILL TO THEM…


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